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Top Row (left to right): Bob Sykes, Rose Raftery-Doyle, Todd Fiorentino, Kim Burnick — Bottom Row: Rebecca Schirber, Linda Fry, Misha Forrester and Stephanie Landry














Misha Forrester bodywork

Misha Forrester, LMT

Misha Forrester is a Licensed Massage Therapist with highly specialized trainings in The Feldenkrais Method® and RestorativeMassage, which uses manual lymphatic drainage (Vodder technique) as a foundation.   Her background in these unique, gentle but powerful modalities is an excellent adjunct to the deep tissue work done at Energy Rising.

Misha has been involved in the Feldenkrais Method® for more than a decade.  Originally, she served as a client and transcriber for advanced trainings.  More recently, Misha became a teacher of Awareness Through Movement® and a practitioner of Functional Integration®.  Functional Integration® involves light touch, subtle adjustments and flowing joint movements to re-educate nerve pathways for optimal function.  The therapist works one-on-one with the client who is fully clothed.  It encourages rehabilitation from many injuries (including stroke) and is utilized by many performers and athletes seeking greater kinesthetic awareness.  Internationally known, the Feldenkrais Method® reduces pain while providing greater range of motion with long lasting effects.

Misha’s Restorative Massage with its foundation in manual lymphatic drainage, softly flushes toxins from the immune system.  These toxins can cause fatigue or sluggishness, lingering colds and inflammation.  Primarily a skin and interstitial fluid technique, it has deeply relaxing properties and is often recommended for those with sensitivities such as fibromyalgia or sleep problems.  This is a great modality for wellness upkeep.

Energy Rising welcomes Misha to the practice.

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Bob Sykes bodywork

Bob Sykes, LMT

After 30 years as an educator in the Berkshires, Bob completed the Massage Program at Berkshire Community College and joined the Energy Rising team.  His perspective on massage is that it should be accessible and affordable because people need stress relief, and hopefully, he says, clients will be able to transmit that feeling of centeredness to their individual lives.  Through breath-work and visualization, Bob coaxes the body into relaxation.  He checks in and does a kind of body scan to feel for areas of restriction that need attention.  As a swimmer himself, he feels especially suited to help athletes through sports massage.  Bob is a veteran who is active with the Christian Center and Habitat for Humanity locally; he also volunteers his services for hospice.  He teaches massage in Spanish in Honduras each year at a rehabilitation facility bringing the bodywork message international.  Bob is always looking to learn and develop, and really seeks to make a strong contribution to the field.

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Jen Barry, LMT bodywork

Jen Barry, LMT

Jennifer Barry entered the massage world following an injury of her own.  After a particularly rigorous day of landscape gardening, Jen found herself with a shoulder problem.  Massage therapy helped in her rehabilitation process.

As a result, Jen studied massage professionally and excelled in the program.  She enjoys working with people in pain such as sports injuries and slipped disc cases.  Jen also offers pregnancy massage to help expectant mothers or for issues that may result following child birth.

Jen fully believes in the power of massage as she’s seen it work many times.  She feels that it complements physical therapy and chiropractic while being a valid and important field of study and inquiry on its own.  Come see Jen for a stress relief session, sports injury, pregnancy massage and more!  As of now, she has completed Reiki level I for energy work and a variety of medical massage electives including low-back, neck, shoulder as well as carpal tunnel and TMJ dysfunction.

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Marcy Derouin, LMT

Marcy graduated from a local massage therapy school and hit the ground running working in a clinic environment, doing chair massage at events as well as joining Energy Rising and Stockbridge Massage.  With skills in deep tissue, hot stone, sports, myofascial release and trigger point, she is the perfect addition to our team of talented practitioners.  Aside from massage, Marcy worked in the school system and helping out the elderly and special needs populations of the Berkshires.  Professionalism and a strong work ethic characterize Marcy’s approach to her work throughout the B&B and inn network.  She has proved invaluable to the group with her willingness to learn and ability to retain clients.  Fun fact—she ran an aquarium and hobby shop in Connecticut in a past life!  So not only can she tell you what’s causing that nagging pain in the low-back… she can answer your fish questions, too!

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