Couples Workshop

Massage is a great way to connect with your partner physically while helping one another to reduce stress.  You can learn the basics of massage in this three hours seminar designed for non-therapists.  We will cover the five basic strokes used in Swedish massage; grounding and centering; stretching and warm-up; the important of whole hand contact and keeping your own hands loose while massaging; elementary body mechanics for the mat, table or chair and ergonomics.  This is a fun interactive training where couples can reconnect and learn in a unique way without any pressure or worry.

3 hours, $185 per couple ($92.50/each)

Advanced Customized Trainings

It’s inevitable.  You will graduate from massage school with some unanswered questions, gaps in your training and weaknesses.  That’s okay.  In this advanced customized training, you create the curriculum!  Simply lay out the three or four items that you struggle with as a practitioner and a class will be designed specifically for you!  I came up with this idea after attended a number of very specific trainings and realizing that each participant had particular items they wanted to work on.  This four hour workshop is designed for MT’s currently in training or LMT’s.  You must give at least 21 days notice to create the class.

4 hours, $325 per participant

Back to Basics

Sure, you can go learn visceral manipulation and lymphatics level III if you like.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But what most practitioners really need is a reminder of the fundamentals.  Perhaps you’ve been working for a year or two and are now experiencing pain.  Perhaps you could make a series of small changes in the way you work to improve client results and make your workday more enjoyable and pain-free.  This class brings LMT’s or those in training back to the foundations.  It begins by taking video of practitioners completing a one-hour massage.  This video is analyzed prior to the class start date.  In this five hour class, practitioners learn about themselves; their own way of moving at the table and manipulating the client.  They begin to see themselves and become conscious of what may be going wrong at the table.

5 hours, $450 per participant (includes all video work; you will receive DVD of your session)

Kinesiology Training for Yoga Teachers

This class was created after I attended a yoga class and the instructor pointed to his hip and explained to the class that, “This is your ASIS bone.”  Of course, ASIS is a bony landmark on your pelvic bone, but it made me realize the high level of emphasis on practice in so many yoga teacher trainings, which is sometimes at the expense of theory.  I have taught Kinesiology for three years, and most recently, completed a second level of Kinesiology education at the Center for Natural Wellness. Additionally, I use it on a daily basis in my practice.  So if you would like to brush up and feel more confident as a yoga teacher — able to explain stretches and poses in a technical way — then this class is for you.

3.5 hours, $225 per participant

All seminars are run on-demand; dates and times will be mutually worked out among participants and the instructor.  These are not CEU workshops. The classes listed above are designed to assist with personal development and help practitioners and non-practitioners to improve massage skills.