There is little doubt that an employee’s emotional and physical state affects productivity. By investing in prevention, companies acknowledge this fact and become proactive about finding solutions. High stress levels sabotage projects, create negative interactions between employees and can lose clients. Stress can also lead to detrimental behaviors outside of work that will hurt the company and your bottom line. Partnering with Energy Rising can halt this downward spiral, improve company morale and save money.

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing partly due to the increasingly technological direction of health services, but also due to high research and development costs for drugs as well as many other factors. Three of the top five killers/diseases are brought on by or aggravated due to stress. When companies include massage therapy into their healthcare plans, it’s not just an added perk. Companies save money by focusing on prevention. Heading off back problems alone — before expensive doctor’s visits and perhaps surgery — would justify a partnership with Energy Rising.

High quality employees often “shop” not just for high salaries, but also benefits. By adding therapeutic massage to your health benefits package, your company becomes that much more attractive. This added benefit helps to retain existing employees as well. To go further, how you look and come across, say at a business presentation, influences the audience and can make or break a big deal. Whether right or wrong, your clients judge you partially based on how relaxed you appear with the material. Although it sounds cliche’, part of being successful is looking successful. Massage therapy can increase your level of comfort with yourself, your colleagues and clients.

We can develop your wellness program for you. Todd Fiorentino has recruited an excellent team of therapists who specialize in on-site work. Energy Rising is also affiliated with personal trainers and nutritionists. Obesity, like stress, is a major risk factor and can drive-up health insurance premiums. A new understanding of ergonomics has led to companies retrofitting office environments, computers, etc. Just as these changes have headed off workman’s compensation claims, therapeutic massage will do the same. Companies are adding running tracks to their office parks and offering free products and services for employees who use them. All of these efforts are for good reason.

Energy Rising offers gift certificates for companies to use as sales incentives or rewards for employees reaching monthly goals. Gift certificates may also be used for employee birthdays, staff appreciation days, “Employee-of-the-Month Awards,” company anniversaries or holiday gifts for employees, vendors or top clients. If you’re looking to impress clients, why not throw a spa party at your home with Energy Rising to provide massage services? Energy Rising can also lead a stretching workshop at your company for employees in the morning.

Call Todd Fiorentino at 732-595-6064 for more information or a packet of articles outlining the advantages of investing in preventive health and stress reduction for employees. Additionally, we are interested in exploring partnership-marketing opportunities both on and off-line with synergistic companies.