Physical Medicine Forum

Organizer, Todd Fiorentino, 732-595-6064, and


Explore the feasibility of setting up a quarterly forum for massage therapists and those working in physical medicine to discuss challenges, opportunities and “a way forward” in regards to the development of the field.


Setting labor standards regarding on-call work, hourly rates and compensation measures as it relates to resorts, spas, etc. Agree on baselines and have input into industry standards.
Help integrate therapeutic massage into the medical healthcare model. Promote a team approach to musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunction. Develop network.
Explore opportunity for therapeutic massage to become part of employee benefits at companies in the Berkshires. Explain benefits in terms of lower healthcare premiums, avoiding workman’s compensation claims, improving employee morale and limiting lost productivity due to pain.
Approach state offices regarding the possibility of creating a regional license that would include the Northeast; challenge the exemption that Chinese massage companies seem to have regarding licensing in all regards.
Create a speakers forum, where presenters can outline difficult cases (client name: anonymous) and seek feedback from group of physical medicine professionals.
Support legislation that would have health insurance companies reimburse for massage; encourage at least three per year coverage; negotiate together rather than offering various individual discounts. Set standards for timely payment at a fair rate.
Come together as a community of therapeutic practitioners, acknowledging that our health care model has gone in a chemical and technological way. Counter this approach by offering non-drug and non-surgical solutions. Unify our voices.


A committee of one model: that is, for a six month period, we would elect a one person committee head who would call on any member of the group for assistance. This person would have full control over furthering that particular goal with input from the group. Every second quarter, we would have a report from this person on progress, and any notes would be passed on to the next elected person. All members should seek to assist the one person committees.


Public speaking/presenting of cases
Integration into health care establishment
Regional licenses and exemptions
Labor—best practices and baselines
Networking and member recruitment (also arranges for meeting space)
Massage as an employee benefit, outreach
Legislative, pending, in the past, roadblocks