An Oft Overlooked Element of Osteoarthritis


“Much has been written about the pain associated with osteoarthritis as stemming from bone on bone grinding—the result of worn out pads of cartilage.  And surely, this is the cause of much pain; but I would like to talk to you about a different element of arthritis.”

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Drugs, Surgery & Insurance Reimbursement of Massage Therapy

” I still look at the prescriptions in my desk drawer as a reminder… a reminder that Western medicine doesn’t have all of the answers.  I had gone in to see a well-known doctor in New York City for what I now know was simple muscle spasm and tightness in my neck due to stress/anxiety.”

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“Think Different” but not too different


I was reading one of my marketing books, which has become almost a daily routine, and the author was making the point that “innovator” has become such an over-used word…

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Thanks to Her Dad…

“When Mr. Fiorentino asked his class at Mildred Elley why they wanted to pursue massage therapy, he received an unusual answer–“to honor my father,” said Mary Baillargeon.  Paul Baillargeon, Mary’s father, served on the S.S. Mercedes out of Annapolis, Maryland as the Ship’s Barber and, interestingly, Masseur. ”

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Which Modality?

Knowing what is going to work for you doesn’t have to be a guessing game

“In a world where art, music, light, color and just about anything that makes one feel good is being considered “therapy,” and where there are literally dozens of spin-off modalities for pain relief, it’s hard to know which way to go.”

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Don’t Join the 50M Club

“Unfortunately, many people simply learn to endure pain as opposed to taking action to eliminate it. They feel hopeless and the pain in turn affects their psychological state sometimes leading to depression.”

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This is Your Vessel

“Your body is your vessel. It can take you to great heights or to the pits of despair.
After watching the Olympics, I really began to see this truth. Imagine all of the muscle coordination and strength that was needed to participate in those events. Or, on a more basic level, just think of the coordination needed to simply cook a meal or get dressed in the morning.”

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Visualization, Affirmations and Prayer

“Doing a massage is not totally unlike an exorcism. You are trying to help the person to get rid of their “demons,” which have built-up in the very tissues of their body. It is remarkable that how you think, your attitude and life experiences could become so enmeshed in your physical form, but that is how it works. ”

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“After a massage the other day, my client lamented how her hips get out of whack because she always carries her daughter on one side. She brightened when I told her, “Try carrying her on the other side once in a while.” It was sort of a funny moment because it was so obvious. I’m sure she had thought of this, but somehow, we tend to do things the same way over and over.”

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Moments of Intuition

“Almost everyone has heard that humans only use a small percentage of their brain power, but few have actually tried to utilize those parts of the brain that elude us. Perhaps in dreams or during deep meditation, we sense the possibilities, only to be dashed the minute we awake.”

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Building Immunity

“When someone says the word “immunity” nowadays, people most often think of
the TV show “Survivor.” But as flu season approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about ways to increase your immunity to disease (not the type that keeps you from being voted off an island).”

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Mind and Body

“Many of us have experiences that we haven’t yet reconciled mentally so in order to continue functioning in the world we compartmentalize. We set that experience aside to deal with later. Eventually, we may assimilate this experience and find the proper context to put it. Often some kind of selfjustification process goes to work at this point.”

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Clearing the Static
Systems & Techniques

“The chakras of your body are energetic lines established by gurus in India hundreds of years ago and documented throughout history… When myofascial planes get restricted or charka lines become jammed with energy, nerve pathways carry that pain signal back to your brain.”

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Doctors See the Light
Vitamins, Placebo Effect & Rationalism

“Many doctors have really come around on the alternative medicine issue.  Here in Bennington, VT, an Integrated Therapies Department works directly in the hospital, which is how it should be.”

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Don’t Get Too Caught Up In It

“I found myself telling a client the other day: ‘Don’t listen to massage therapists…” and was surprised by my own statement.  After all, I am one, right?”

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Enter the Matrix
Stress Stories, Part I

“The matrix of cells that make up soft tissue in our body can range from soft, pliable and hydrated to static, immovable and stuck… Remember, the techniques that you used in your 30’s may not work in your 40’s and up the line.”

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Learning to Feel

“While this may sound mystical, I do believe that people can psychically alter your energy much to your detriment.  Words, actions, thoughts, wishes—all have power.”

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Moving Your Way

“Is a dance class a remarkable prescription for muscle pain?  Yes, it is, but you know what, it just may work.”

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This, That & the Other Thing

“Even though we all learn the same Swedish moves and similar techniques, each therapist has their own style.  Where does it come from?”

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A Look In the Mirror


“I was putting together contracts to do massage therapy for B&B’s, inns and resorts so I decided to call a teacher I used to work with to see if she might help out.”

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When Sickness is Our Biggest Industry


“When I first moved to Manhattan years ago, I remember being taken aback by just how healthy New Yorkers really were.  It surprised me that here in this artificial Mecca, people were searching for a natural life.”

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The Unfortunate Thing About Chiropractic

“It’s important to realize that a chiropractor and doctor will look at the same x-ray and the chiropractor will say there’s subluxations and a medical doctor or D.O. will not.  This is why educating yourself is critical.”

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