Created on July 02, 2013 by mllmd: 5 stars

Highly recommended!

Todd Fiorentino is the owner of Energy Rising Massage Therapy. I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment with him. He was very professional and accommodating. The massage he provided was a nice balance of Swedish and Deep Tissue. A big plus: he was willing to travel to my house for an out call!

Created on 07/02/13 by BSM: 5 Stars
I loved my massage with Todd. He s a really nice guy and and excellent massage therapist. Friendly and professional. It was very easy to set up an appointment for an out-call massage at my house. He arrived promptly on time with all of the necessary accessories (table, sheets, oil, etc…). His technique was detailed and methodical and his touch firm, yet caring. Afterward I felt amazingly relaxed and restored. I am eager to make another appointment soon. I highly recommend him!

“We experienced the BEST massages of our life last weekend… Todd was FANTASTIC… Don’t pass up an opportunity to experience this treat…” :-)

Scott, FaceBook posting, Lenox, MA inn

“The women, by the way, thought their massages were fantastic!  You’re making my guests VERY happy!”

Inn Keeper, Lenox, MA

“Very Good!  Professional, relaxing, and therapeutic!  Will recommend to anyone!  Thanks!”

Shaker Mill Guest comment card, 2/2/13

“Amazing massage, professional and joy to work with!  Coming back to stay and have another massage!!”

Shaker Mill Guest commend card, 2/2/13

“Todd, was wonderful.  We would recommend.”

Shaker Mill Guest comment card, 5/5/13

“I started seeing Todd at Zanya Spa and soon became a regular client. Aside from a recurring shoulder problem, I tend to over-exert myself in sports or at the gym. I also have a horse farm, which takes a lot of work to maintain and does a number on my body. So massage was the perfect solution. For me, the best part about Todd’s work was his ability to customize a regiment for my issues and focus on specific massage and stretching techniques that led to significant pain relief. He really reduced pain and tension while increasing my flexibility and range of motion at the same time. The results were clear – when I was able to stick with it consistently, I felt great! When I didn’t, I would steadily deteriorate.”

Tucker, Philadelphia

“Todd turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. I looked up Todd after I was convinced that I had developed systemic myofascial dysfunction after 9 months of disabling and long recovery from a rare thoracic disk herniation, likely scar tissue under my ribs from hematoma, vertigo, and persistent disequilibrium. After only 3 full body massage sessions I set out on a rapid and significant recovery over next several weeks, which eluded me even after 3 months of physical therapy. Todd is a patient listener, compassionate, professional, and above all, he wants to help you get better. I felt that he gave 110% to every massage session, and readily shared his knowledge and other helpful resources at his disposal. Todd possesses the Midas touch!”

Ajay, Stewartsville

“Todd’s unique and certainly most compassionate approach is profoundly demonstrated through his application of massage therapy. It is apparent after receiving a full body massage from Todd that his power of focused touch truly helped ease this most stressful pain I endured. Todd’s conviction to help precious people through the power of touch will truly make a world of difference … Seek and you will find … Energy Rising will help ease and lift your spirits… ”

Wellness to all,
Maria, Lawrenceville NJ

” … After a recent small injury to my shoulder, I decided to try a massage. I spoke with Todd prior to my massage to make him aware of my problem. We discussed a therapeutic massage to work out the knots in the shoulder. He was very good in making the experience a relaxing one, along with being therapeutic. After the massage, the shoulder was 100% improved. And needless to say, my entire body and mind were more relaxed!”

Warminster, PA

“My recent massage with Todd has been the best. It was truly an out-of-body experience. I felt completely relaxed and stress free, and remained in that state for days to follow. I recommend his services to anyone and everyone. Thank you once again!”

Bristol, Pa.

“Todd is a great massage therapist. He created a relaxing atmosphere through the use of candles and music. He had available unscented hypoallergenic lotion and oil, which is a blessing if you are allergic to fragrances. Todd has an ability to find all the small gnarls of tension on your body and, through gentle massage or stronger pressure, dissipate that tension and energy. He found these trouble spots on areas that I wasn’t experiencing any obvious pain or tension, but from his work on those spots I found great relief.”

Pennington, NJ

“Todd is meticulous in his attention to injury. He takes great care to address pain accurately and is adept in dealing with multiple symptoms. I’ve only been once but am going back as soon as I can!”


Canaan, NY

“Thanks to Todd my leg muscles turned from concrete back to normal.  I strongly recommend him to anyone.  Excellent, friendly, effective service.”


Tokyo, Japan


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