Energy Rising grew out of my own experiences with bodywork. I noticed that many people wanted therapeutic work without the clinical environment. That’s why I travel to client’s homes where they can feel comfortable enough to let go of worries and tensions. Identifying holding patterns and releasing them is a lot of the work I do. I create a healing space where clients can feel safe and explore new parts of their minds.

Massage is incredible for stimulating the imagination, curing writer’s block or acting as a catalyst for self-realizations. In these ultra-relaxed states one can access thoughts that were before always hidden. I personally find that I can frequently recall dream events during massage, but at no other time during my regular life. Massage also improves interpersonal relations because part of the reason that people argue and spread negativity has to do with their pain level and how relaxed they are in their own skin.

It is important in bodywork to meet the client — wherever they are — first. We cannot take them to that deeper place unless we first go to them. This is one of the ideas behind my practice. I will also sometimes “trick” the body into relaxing using my knowledge of the nervous system. Interestingly, although many people request deep tissue work, I have found that very subtle techniques can also bring about profound internal change.

Here are the central principles of my practice:

The massage session starts with the rising of the sun regardless of when your appointment may actually begin. I start thinking about my clients for the day when I wake up, bringing my intention to them.

I never book more than three massages in a day. This is my commitment to you. It is impossible to give energy if you are not drawing energy from the universe first yourself.

You always have my undivided attention, focus and concentration. This one-on-one individual attention should never be discounted. In fact, it is part of the allure of the bodywork experience.

I make a wish for each of my clients that they may achieve their goals, live fully and feel energized, relaxed and renewed by nightfall.

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